Key Points

  • Europe: Your data stays here.
  • No Ads tracking: No Web analytics nor tracking.
  • We use your personal data to provide, secure and support the service.
  • To contact us:

    PoBox 21.
    73 81 Frydek Mistek
    Czech Republic

    Mail: info (at)

Your Data is YOUR data:

  • Account and Communication data: We collect communication data and account data in other for you to access our learning platform. The goal is to support your learning experience, make the service available, secure the service, and have a general idea of how the service is performing.
  • News and Updates: Receive newsletters (no more than once month) on the activities, events or projects we are running. You will receive such communication after your registration. You can opt-out any time.
  • (ISC)2 Czech Chapters: Process the (ISC)2 Czech Chapter member list on behalf of the chapter. Membrer list is avaialble here.. You can opt-out any time.
  • Our precense in Facebook:: Facebook collects personal data which is accessible to us when you interact with our facebook page. We use this channel to engage, and such interactions stays on Facebook. See Facebook privacy notice for details

External Collaboration

  • Accounts provided by Communication data and account data is provided to access our collaboration tools. We are responsible for the data you provide directly to the platform.
  • Our collaboration tools are power by M365 using Microsoft Data Centers based in Europe.
  • We keep the data as long as needed. For short term collaborations, usually the data is retained for 1 months. For long term cooperations, we do keep data in accordance to our legal obligations (we are registered in the Czech Republic)