Forget Passive Learning!

Feb 2017

by Jorge Carrillo

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Forget Passive learning

New ways of Learning PRINCE2

How do you really feel about sitting in a lecture room listening to a lecturer working their way through one PowerPoint slide after another with maybe the occasional question being thrown out you or a requirement to do some work in pairs? I bet you find it pretty boring.

I’ll even bet that you drift off and think of other things or even start Facebooking or emailing. So then what happens when it comes to the real world when you have to apply the concepts you learned in class? If you can even remember all the concepts you’ll probably struggle to apply them.

The Solution ?

You need a new way of learning: listening, participating, and applying those learnings.

Why these two quite different activities?

Web design and 3D printing weren’t random ideas. I selected them because it’s really important to explore concepts in a variety of disciplines. Working in a silo is never a good idea– we all need to be able to communicate with interdisciplinary teams.

You might use different techniques (Web development versus a printer) but the goal is the same.

Something else I firmly believe in is the need for a lecturer to have fresh ideas and never teach the same course in the same old way. get a real buzz out of thinking in different ways, planning and delivering a course with a different approach.

As an aside I don’t just challenge my students – I challenge myself.

I’m about the give a lecture on Global Marketing from an IT- compliance point of view at the British Chamber of Commerce in Prague. Sure it’s outside my comfort zone but this way I walk the talk and don’t expect of my students something I haven’t done or wouldn’t do myself.

Math quizz online

Web Technologies

By exploring Web technologies, we produced a prototype of a primary school mathematics test online. To be honest we didn’t intend to create this but after playing and discussing different ways to create an exam for kids, we reached the point where we had this working prototype. What an incredible outcome from a learning session on basic programming concepts.

Visit to a 3-D printing company

Observer 3-D Printing process

We visit the company Cotu so that we could see for ourselves the process of 3D printing. The average production time for one object, including printing and surface treatment (polishing) is an amazing 5 working days so you can see why it’s generally used for prototyping especially in the automotive industry.

So are YOU up for a challenge ?

Are you ready to start learning the Carrillo way?

If you want to master project management or indeed any other business topic it’s time to study the new way - you’ll be confidently hands on by having a learning experience that guarantees you a safe environment where you can explore, fail, learn, apply, have fun.

Don’t be afraid! Come and enjoy the fun and let your imagination fly!

Experience the Active way of learning