2 Lessons from 2016

December 2016

by Jorge Carrillo

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2 Lessons from 2016

New ways of Learning PRINCE2

1st Lesson: The right attitude matters

This year I delivered an intensive course for two groups: One group was learning about Project Management (PM) and the second group was learning about Security and Privacy.

I put a challenge to create a short video (the idea behind was to put in action Project Management techniques). However, I noticed that the second group had a particular passion for Security and an amazing attitude to explore, have fun and learn. So they joined the competition. You can guess!..the Security group created a video that won 598 votes (gathered in Facebook) winning the whole competition, and the other group just was left behind. This small competition just confirmed (not surprisingly) that:

knowing how to use many “techniques or tools” is *NOT* everything you need to succeed.

2nd Lesson: Prototypes are awesome

Everything started with the idea of creating a very short 15-minute e-learning course, and delivering two webinars on Project Management tools and Privacy.

From the beginning it was clear that perfection was not the goal; and the journey of experimentation was great!. The webinar and e-learning were not professional but the whole concept materialized later on in different activities, contributing in different areas I would never imagine, such as:
  • Visiting the Czech blind center to have a different appreciation of Web Accessibility.
  • Participate as speaker at some events organized by the ISC2, French Chamber of Commerce and the Technology Center CAS

This confirms once again that exploration and and experimentation are very powerful, you might never know what’s behind the next door.

2016 Looking back


It was amazing to share my ideas on various topics in Security, Compliance and Project Management. Let me share the corresponding presentations
Internet of Things Risk Management
Visit the Czech Blind Center

Connecting the dots

Great experience connecting the dots: From the Czech Blind Center to Cybersecurity.

Web Accessiblity (ISC)2 Conference

Let's learn together this year